Possibly the measure of a friend is not what it is like when they are there, but how you feel when they are not there…

released August 22, 2018

Thommo: Synths, Drums, Arrangement & Mastering
Replicant Theory: Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars & Bass

A collaboration between Gjart and Replicant Theory. This track captures the feel of Joy Division with a modern feel.  It was awesome to work with Gjart and I hope you enjoy this track!

released August 6, 2018

Gjart – Synths, Drums, Lyrics, Vocals & Guitars
Replicant Theory – Guitars, Bass & Synth

Years ago I had recorded a simple synth track that would have been perfect for phone hold music. I approached BetaPSI if she would want to work on the track. She took something simple and turned it into something magical. I am blown away by what she did… My simple idea became her song and I am proud to say that this is hers!

released July 26, 2018

BetaPsi: Lyrics, Vocals, Instrumentation, Production & Arrangement
Replicant Theory: Synths & Drums

So… you have a lingering shadow?

Skyline Tigers asked Replicant Theory to lend a hand in instrumentation and darkness on this original song. The results are fantastic. Skyline Tigers has created an amazing song.

released May 24, 2018

Skyline Tigers – Vocals, Lyrics, Synths, Drums and Mastering
Replicant Theory – Guitars, Bass and Synths

There is nothing as awesome as when a highly regarded artist writes an amazing song and they let you musically experiment with it. Mojo’s Army, wrote a dark quiet track that had vibes of Bauhaus, Love and Rockets and other similar goth giants from the 80’s. After listening to it on several playlists on Spotify, Replicant Theory started hearing early nineties NIN and Ministry riffs over some of the parts… Mojo was asked if the song could be tinkered with it and this is the result…

released April 18, 2018

Mojos Army: Original song, production, lyrics, vocals and additional instruments
Replicant Theory: Guitar, Bass & Synths

“We never Learn, doomed to burn”

Operation Neptune Spear from the UK has been a long time collaborator with Replicant Theory. On this song Replicant Theory was asked to lend some bass guitar and dark synths… Here are the results…

released April 8, 2018

Operation Neptune Spear: Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars and Drums
Replicant Theory: Bass & Synths

Gritty, dark, atmospheric and powerful… This track is a 3 way collaboration between Thommo, BetaPSI and Replicant Theory.

released March 17, 2018

Thommo – Drums, Synth and Concept
BetaPSI – Vocals & lyrics
Replicant Theory – Guitar, Bass and Synth

This song deals with nearing the end of a terrible battle with Cancer and finding freedom to say goodby and let go.  With out the help and compassionate artistry from Skyline Tigers this song would never have evolved to where it is today.

This song is dedicated to Jennifer Lynn Hinterberg

Mother in law and best friend.

I miss you

released February 1, 2018

Skyline Tigers – Lyrics and Vocals
Replicant Theory – Music & Production

From a mutual appreciation of both artists music, Trip and Replicant Theory decided to team up on a track. TRIP sent over the initial audio and Replicant Theory added some guitars and a synth… Back and forth a few more times and one now has this most excellent song to rock out to…

There will be more collaborations between Trip and Replicant Theory.

released November 27, 2017

TRIP – everything but guitar and bass and one synth
Replicant Theory – see above

A collaboration between Replicant Theory and the UK’s Skyline Tigers. This song blends Replicant’s heavy riffs to Skyline’s beautiful fragile voice.

released November 26, 2017

Music by Replicant Theory
Lyrics and Vocals by Skyline Tigers