What if…
What if an AI goes online and becomes rampant…
what if…

Reactor Zero: Eradication Protocol is a re-envisioned story of the original. The concept of time paradox has been replaced with a Rampant AI…

What does an AI do when online for the first time?

Completely remixed, new instrumentation, and a compelling story written by Operation Neptune Spear… Think of it as a 2 disk concept album… this being the second disc, Reactor Zero being the first…

released June 8, 2018

This album could not have been possible with out the support of other unsigned talented artists.

Main vocals and lyrics – Operation Neptune Spear
System Status posh bird lyrics and vocals – Skyline Tigers
Music – Replicant Theory

Reactor Zero EP is a concept album regarding scientists engaged in a failed time paradox experiment. The story is told though an AI and lost audio from the lead scientist. The Reactor Zero Ep is a heavy mix of guitars and synthesizers.

Sit back and enjoy the adventure!

released October 31, 2017

All songs written and recorded by Replicant Theory

A collection of hard hitting songs written for use in video games and other media applications. Elements of various genres are mixed together in this EP… Yes, you can play Doom to this…

released December 12, 2016

All music written and recorded by Replicant Theory
Album art by Ian Nelson