Musician Spotlight: Thommo

Love peace and thommo

Replicant:  Once again, thank you for checking out the Musician Spotlight blog at Today I have the honor of talking to a musical collaborator and friend, Thommo.  How are you doing today over across the pond in the UK?

Thommo:  Hey, I’m good. Great to be talking to you.

Replicant:  Thanks, you too!  So for those not familiar with you or your music, who is Thommo?

Thommo:  Ah, well that’s the million dollar question I guess!  All you get to see of me online is my headphone logo as I quite like the anonymity but behind it I’m someone who just loves creating music. Continue reading

Musician Spotlight: Operation Neptune Spear

mNMWAQ4uReplicant: Hello again from the Musician Spotlight page at Today I am chatting with a long time collaborator and friend Operation Neptune Spear. Before we dive into the backstories and what not, let’s talk about something pressing at hand… Bacon. How would you define bacon, its qualities and textures?

OP Neptune: Bacon is simply amazing! If there was a god it would be bacon, so tasty and versatile and …….. be right back need some bacon… Continue reading

Musician Spotlight: LegPuppy


Replicant:  Thanks for checking out this next interview!  Today from the UK I am chatting with LegPuppy.  For those who are not familiar with your music, what is LegPuppy?

LegPuppy:  LegPuppy was born deep in the Welsh valleys, amongst a backdrop of bingo callers, haunted rickety hotels, dancing goats & clown worshipers.  Combine a classically trained guitarist, history professor, an award-winning designer, some British comedy, attitude, poetry, the vision of a man with the personality of a pogo stick on speed, a method actor and you have the crazy world of LegPuppy. Continue reading

Musician Spotlight: BetaPSI

AVBETAPSI II09/02/2018

Replicant:  To anyone reading this first blog post, I would like to thank you for checking out my first interview.  Today, I am chatting with BetaPSI from the lovely country of Italy.  For those who are not familiar with you or your music, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

BetaPSI:  I still haven’t found a description explaining what BetaPSI is.  Some time ago an indie artist called me “The Sonic Alchemist”, I am grateful to him for that because I think it’s what I am.  I hear sounds in my head, make them real with my instruments, my messed up voice and sampling sounds.  Then I melt them all in my “music lab” creating a song, just like a chemist. Continue reading