American musician Drew Nelson embarked on a solo project back in 2005 that would become known as REPLICANT THEORY. The resulting material is a hybrid of alt-metal, progressive rock, industrial and electro – showing off his considerable capabilities with synths and guitars alike. He has worked on music that has been featured in several video games and composed the score for a short film too. His broad range of influences incorporates acts like Nine Inch Nails, U2, Filter, God Lives Underwater, Stabbing Westward, Zeromancer, Placebo, the Cure and Ministry.

Currently Replicant Theory is working on a new sci-fi themed EP album utilizing drones and vocoders for lyrics moving the narrative forward. I hope to have the album finished soon and will release it digitally. I am also working with the developer Ryan Mitchell Games on in game music and effects for the game “Mission Europa 2”

I am always open to new projects and collaborations

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