Forming in the mid 2000’s, Replicant Theory began as a collaboration between two artists.  As the album project wrapped up and one of the collaborators moved several states away, Replicant Theory’s future was in question…

After several failed starts at rebooting, Replicant Theory emerged in 2012 with an album called Polaroids.  A collection of instrumental versions, outtakes and expanded instrumental ideas.  Polaroids received little attention and again Replicant Theory became inactive.

By chance, through a mobile gaming website called Touch Arcade, Replicant Theory met up with a small app developer that was looking for music for a twin stick zombie shooting game.  Several tracks were written and two appeared in the final version. (now sadly off of the App store)

With a new purpose, Replicant Theory explored new ideas on how to move forward in writing and recording.  iOS Garageband and Apps such as JamUp Pro and Cassini became staples and the concept of working behind a computer was abandoned.  Shortly after, the EP “The Return” was released featuring several songs from the video game in 2016.

Gaining plays and mild attention, Replicant Theory began to branch out working on conceptual albums and collaborations with other artists such as Gjart, Skyline Tigers, Operation Neptune Spear, Thommo, Grand Space Adventure, BetaPSI, Trip and Mojo’s Army.  A science fiction concept album called “Reactor Zero” was released in 2017, a experimental album called “Chaos Machine” was released in 2018 and a alternate version of the 2017 sci-fi album “Reactor Zero: Eradication Protocol” was also released in 2018.

Currently Replicant Theory is working on more collaborations with other musicians from across the world and will be focusing on releasing a full length album later this year or early 2019.