The DIY iOS Musician:  Updating a P-Bass Guitar

This Blog will walk you through how I installed a new P style bass pickup into an existing bass guitar reusing the wiring, pots and jacks.

The DIY iOS Musician: Making a 6 String Beast

Long story short, I loved the guitar more than my semi expensive Ibanez SA150 and decided to upgrade all of the electronics to make it my main guitar. Years later I found myself in a band, Magadore, where I would need 2 guitars to play out. I decided to hunt down and build a 2nd Vertigo like the first. Only this time I actually took pictures of my mods 🙂

The DIY iOS Musician: Operation Neptune Spear

Get stuck in! GarageBand has a ton of cool features and third party apps and you need minimal space for the setup no excuses really and if I can do it with my ham hands anyone can

The DIY iOS Musician: Playing Live

If you only play a single instrument, it is not that bad. If you play multiple instruments things get fun quickly... so here we go...

The DIY iOS Musician: Studio Setup

So it was clear that I could pull off a great recording using my phone. Yes, Garageband 4 years ago was a little limited back then, but it was better that any stand alone multi-track and it had cleaner sound that my old Mac.

The DIY iOS Musician: Intro

This blog is about my adventures as a musician using iPhones for recording, Apps for sound and in general being very frugal and trying to do almost everything myself.