Musician Spotlight: Operation Neptune Spear

mNMWAQ4uReplicant: Hello again from the Musician Spotlight page at Today I am chatting with a long time collaborator and friend Operation Neptune Spear. Before we dive into the backstories and what not, let’s talk about something pressing at hand… Bacon. How would you define bacon, its qualities and textures?

OP Neptune: Bacon is simply amazing! If there was a god it would be bacon, so tasty and versatile and …….. be right back need some bacon… I’m not all one sided and bacon orientated though.. *bacon for the bacon gods!!* quiet you! Sorry about that.

Replicant: So in seeing your photos of bacon on social media, it appears to be a thin slice of ham. In the states we would refer to it as “Canadian Bacon”. Would you say that the above description fits the British form of bacon?

OP Neptune: Ah yes you Americans with your streaky bacon lol which comes from pork belly, British bacon or back bacon usually comes from the tenderloin or loin roast so yes similar to Canadian bacon just cut and cured differently.

Replicant: Ah. I would boldly say that both are acceptable for consumption.

OP Neptune: Of that there can be no question.

Replicant: So taking things a step further. If I were to order a proper English breakfast it would consist of bacon, eggs, fried tomatoes and hash? Maybe served with a cup of black tea with a spot of cream or butter?

OP Neptune: Depends where you go but yes; bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding, fried bread or toast and a mug of tea. (milk two sugars for me)

Replicant: Ah yes, I forgot the bangers and beans. Now that we have bridged the great cultural gap, who or what is Operation Neptune Spear?

OP Neptune: Operation Neptune Spear is a one man noise offensive with the goal of providing hard hitting gritty hard rock designed to melt your ears and intrigue your mind!

Replicant: How long has Operation Neptune Spear been in existence melting the ears of the unsuspecting?

OP Neptune: Since 2016

Replicant: What launched your solo career and why? What had you done musically prior?

OP Neptune: I have a career lol bloody hell. I have been in bands since I was thirteen playing bass mostly styles ranged from hip hop to death metal, I moved into a small village and couldn’t find any like minded musicians. So I started messing around with an old iPad I got from a friend and an old irig also from an old friend and I thought I would give recording some stuff a go.

Replicant: What is the best gig gone wrong experience from your younger days?

OP Neptune: A death metal band I was in was playing a club called the Kasbah in Sheffield. We kicked off the first song jumping around going mental the crowd were just stood there looking perplexed. (we had a reputation for bowel moving bass) Half way through the song I realised my bass wasn’t plugged in! I picked up the lead spun around to face the crowd and as I plugged in a massive cheer erupted and a massive mosh pit formed… twas most excellent lol!

Replicant: Good god, that has to be everyones nightmare… At least you had a cheering crowd. Those can be hard to come by… Most excellent story! So 4 years ago Operation Neptune Spear came about. How did you start recording, picking a name and all of that crazy stuff?

OP Neptune: Well to start with we were Operation Rolling Thunder but someone had already recorded under that name so I had to think of another cool sounding military operation and Neptune Spear fit the bill. You can hear radio presenters thinking “did I just say that” when they read out the band name, lol. Recording wise I was just experimenting with Garage band and I mean experimenting, lol. The first track everything was panned down the middle guitars bass vocals the lot, then I realised you could pan tracks left and right lol only 4 tracks in.

Replicant: I remember you mentioning that before. iOS Garageband is easy once you get past the learning curve… That part takes time. Ok, so you had the name, had the equipment and had the skills. What was the first song you released and how did it go over?

OP Neptune: First thing we released was an instrumental called ‘Opening Salvo’ I think it got about 60 Soundcloud plays, lol. The first song we released was ’83 Escort’ and yeah, people seemed to dig it much mellower sound to what we do now

Replicant: I think I picked up on your music for the monstrous guitar riffs and raging energy. Have you primarily stayed with Soundcloud or have you branched out to other outlets as well?

OP Neptune: Mainly Soundcloud but we’re on reverbnation, bandcamp, whoozl, and others. Soundcloud is our main outlet though

Replicant: I never really got into Soundcloud much more than having a place to dump music. What song would you say really helped you get going or set the standard for you?

OP Neptune: Good question, ‘Cluster Funk’ and ‘Empty Streets’ got us a good following then it kinda went on from there. ‘Betrayed’ and ‘Cipher’ have so far got the most plays. I wouldn’t say one song set the standard as such as they are all different in their own way and we keep deviating lol.

Replicant: ‘Cluster Funk’ was when I discovered you. It helps when you have pipes like Lemmy…

OP Neptune: Ha yeah I have heard people say that I don’t think I do.

Replicant: No, you do. If you did covers you should do ‘Ace of Spades’ and see how people react 🙂 How many albums have you put out now at this point?

OP Neptune: Might try that, 1 full album called ‘World on Fire’ and 2 EP’s ‘1984’ and ‘Beautiful Lives’. There will be one more coming very soon and it will be mainly collaborations on which my good friend, Mr Theory, features.

Replicant: I was thinking about that… If you played bass before why are you having me play bass for you now from time to time? Don’t get me wrong, it is fun as hell to write galloping metal bass riffs… but?!?

OP Neptune: I haven’t played bass in a band for a while. I was borrowing one to do the Operation Neptune Spear stuff and I finally bought one a couple of months back, Wayhey! It’s always good to have other people’s input from time to time and your bass style rocks mate so it makes sense to get some Theory on some ONS tracks!

Replicant: That would make sense… and it is fun collaborating with you as well :). Speaking of which, didn’t you write and sing for a sci-fi post apocalyptic concept album recently?

OP Neptune: Yes I did, now that was a blast! I really enjoyed doing that and the music was amazing! The result was awesome and I’ve had some pretty good feedback about it, a lot of people love it!

Replicant: For those reading this interview and have no clue what we are talking about, Operation Neptune Spear helped me make a concept album called ‘Reactor Zero: Eradication’. The writing and story telling you did was amazing. I have found myself loving it more and more on each listen.

OP Neptune: Give over, lol twas the music that inspired me to tell that story! If you are reading this get out there and check it out now! You won’t regret it!

Replicant: Yes… listen to our music… yes.. ‘Deep Six’ I think stands out the most for me.
How about you?

OP Neptune: Brilliant track I favour ‘Shadows Fall’ or ‘Reactor Zero’. Funny thing is I came up with the story and a lot of the lyrics in my office at my last job. I was in an internal office with no windows only a door with no window and two of the walls were painted red! It was like being in a nuclear bunker! lol… Only two of us and room for only our desk and chairs.

Replicant: Good lord, that had to be either really cool or depressing… Would you have been allowed to put up biohazard warning stickers anything like that on the walls? With that, have you ever seen the zombie flick ‘Day of the Dead’ by George Romero?

OP Neptune: No, no decoration only plans of our devising… Love zombie movies, seen all Romero’s films, ‘Dawn of the Dead’ is the best yes seen Day tis the weakest of the trilogy I think.

Replicant: Yeah, Dawn is my favorite. You should have gotten a life size cardboard stand of ‘Bub’ the zombie to stand along one of the walls. 🙂

OP Neptune: LOL, 🙂

Replicant: So this new album that is coming out, what are the details?

OP Neptune: 4 possibly 5 track EP as yet untitled 95% is stuff myself and yourself have collaborated on, there will be a track on there that Andrew Purcell of Andrew Purcell Music worked on and possibly one with Riff Clitchard from SLaM, oh and a stand alone Operation Neptune Spear track. All typically rocking tunes.

Replicant: Some the songs I have heard so far are really pounding. When do you plan on releasing this beast upon the masses?

OP Neptune: Hopefully back end of this month if everything comes together.

Replicant: Sweet! So as we wrap up here, any words of wisdom you want to pass along to any readers?

OP Neptune: Don’t believe the hype, be cool stay in school and eat bacon !!!

Replicant: Mmm… Bacon….

OP Neptune: Tell all your friends I’m Batman and if you find an intricately carved puzzle box don’t solve it!

Replicant: Lol. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. looking forward to the new album!



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