Musician Spotlight: LegPuppy


Replicant:  Thanks for checking out this next interview!  Today from the UK I am chatting with LegPuppy.  For those who are not familiar with your music, what is LegPuppy?

LegPuppy:  LegPuppy was born deep in the Welsh valleys, amongst a backdrop of bingo callers, haunted rickety hotels, dancing goats & clown worshipers.  Combine a classically trained guitarist, history professor, an award-winning designer, some British comedy, attitude, poetry, the vision of a man with the personality of a pogo stick on speed, a method actor and you have the crazy world of LegPuppy.

These enigmatic electro-post-punks are fierce in their satirical attack on the modern world with anthems ‘Meds and Beer,’ ‘Selfie Stick Narcissistic Prick’ ‘and forthcoming single ‘Twit Machine’.

It’s a brilliant showcase for what they’re all about; humor, satire, and a whole lot of personality. The band recently added bass player Rich Bass, guitarist Vatt Dafuq and vocalist Booby Juice to give them a much bigger sound.  Imagine The Prodigy meets The Fall, with a hint of The Residents for their live shows.  The bands music has received some brilliant press. “Meds and Beer, beautifully formed one chord driven satirical punk” BBC Introducing “Power, energy and sonic diversity” Louder Than War They’ve also earned the tag ‘Fully paid up members of the South London lunatic performers collective’ by Tim Perry of the Windmill Brixton, a hub of creativity and one of the most important live venues in the country.  Don’t be surprised to see the infamous Clown arriving on a space hopper before generally stalking the crowd.

The band still practice clown worship, unfortunately the haunted hotel in the Valleys has since been turned into a brand new bingo hall for the locals. Crazy times. .

Replicant: Lol, that is the best longest band description I have ever heard.  Sound-wise I would have described LegPuppy as a mix of Massive Attack and Pop Will Eat Itself.  Who’s idea was it to come up with the glowing clown mask and is that something you made yourself?  It is quite iconic.

LegPuppy: It was mine.  I wanted something that no one else had. I got it from Australia, it’s a one off. Our new sound is def more Prod v the Fall

Replicant: So beyond Bingo hall clown cultists, how did you derive your sound and how has it adapted into your current form?

LegPuppy: Well with the first album ‘You Should Be Paranoid’ I was on a dance tip.  Underworld, Chase and Status & Massive Attack. Fast forward with a new line up and I finally have the sound I’ve always wanted.  The Fall meets The Prodigy, with Dirty Basslines, layers of guitars and in your face vocals.  Selfie Stick of course, will always be an anthem as it’s so bang on with where we are in society.

Repliant: When you first started out with the original line up on ‘You Should be Paranoid’ how were you received at shows initially and what triggered the shift to your current status?

LegPuppy: Like any band, you develop over time, we had been clown worshiping for a few years, so decided to bring in our spiritual leader.  He added mystery to our shows, and became a very strong brand image for us.  We started to add more controlled anger to our sets, so the change in sound was inevitable.

Replicant: In watching performances of you live, the clown spiritual leader seems to bounce around from one member to the next.  There is a lot going on with multi-media and performer personalities.  How have you generally approached playing live? Is there a rough plan or does the madness take over as the show gets underway?

LegPuppy: Our modus operandi has always been provoke a reaction of any sort, fear, anger, humour, fun.  You have to connect with the audience in one way of another, even if you’re playing to 2 people, you still need to do that.  The main thing for us is having fun on stage, it’s an escape from reality. We like to engage with the crowd as much as we can, make them feel part of it.  We supported Night Club recently, during our track Tesco, we gave out Tesco bags with LegPuppy bingo bongo cards, on each card was a prize, A walking weekend with Theresa May, A bungie Jump with Boris Johnson, a LegPuppy T shirt.  It just adds to the spectacle and people feel part of it

Replicant: I totally agree about connecting with the audience.  Many of the local bands I have seen over here in the States do a soundcheck, say their name, play their set and just walk off with their gear.  20 minutes later you have completely forgotten what you just saw.

LegPuppy: So true!  that was the main inspiration for us.  We are living in a competitive time, too many bands think they are too cool to engage.  Its not 1995 any more!  You have to talk to the people who came to see you, welcome them into your world, as guaranteed they will come back, again and again.  That’s how you get new fans

Replicant: Playing shows, how far have you spread your clown worshiping message to bingo halls?  Have you branched out of the UK to other countries?

LegPuppy: We did a tour in January, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Nottingham, where Andy from the Sleaford Mods was in the crowd, theres a video on our YouTube of him dancing to Selfie Stick!

Replicant: Nice, I will definitely check that out.  The one thing I have noticed that I think is brilliant is that one of you is always walking into the crowd taking selfies and interacting with them based on the context of the songs.  Hilarious at times.
So what is the road ahead for you?  New releases, upcoming tours?

LegPuppy: Definitely, be as immersive as you can.  We are releasing Twit Machine next Friday.  Another satirical dig at society and mobile phone addiction.  It’s also a homage to the greatest philosopher of the recent times.  Dan Ashcroft from a Nathan Barley

Replicant: I am not familiar with either of them.  What does their work cover?

LegPuppy: It’s the greatest British cult comedy of all time.  Google Rise of the Idiots Nathan Barley.  It’s 15 years old but was so far ahead of its time

Replicant: I did… Wow, that is spot on.  Thanks for the tip on that!  The movie ‘Idiocracy’ is similar in focus and playing to the future on current culture.
I am assuming ‘Twit Machine’ will be releasing on all of the normal outlets.  Will you be doing a video for that song as well?

LegPuppy: Absolutely, we have a brilliant video coming out, filmed in different parts of London over 3 days.

Idiocracy – I’ll check that out

Replicant: It came out in the early 2000’s. It is by Mike Judge who also did Office Space and Beavis & Butt-Head.

The video for Selfie Stick is hilarious. Will the new video have the same sense of humor and satire?

LegPuppy: I used to love Beavis & Butthead, ha, ha, ha, ha!  Absolutely, its probably a better video than Selfie Stick, although that was hard to beat!

Replicant: I will be looking forward to watching it!  I think we are getting to a point were we can wrap this up.  Is there anything you would like to share or say to the masses?

LegPuppy: Worship the clown, and if you cant worship the clown, worship the Booby! She’s our singer!







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