The DIY iOS Musician: Intro

Hey, I am Drew from Replicant Theory and thanks for taking the time to check out my first blog post!

This blog is about my adventures as a musician using iPhones for recording, Apps for sound and in general being very frugal and trying to do almost everything myself.  I will not only be talking about what I do, but reviewing products, explaining how things work, documenting my instrument rebuild projects and hopefully answering questions other people have. 

What I do is unique but not special.  I have noticed that other artists are shocked that I am not using Reaper, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Reason, or any software that costs an arm and a leg.  I am a believer that it is not the equipment that defines the quality of a recording and ones sound but how you use what you have.  There is the old saying that you can have a $5000 guitar and have it sound like garbage yet play a $100 guitar and it sounds better that anything you have ever heard. 

I encourage anyone curious to what the hell I am up to to ask away and I can talk about it in future blog posts.  I am happy to share anything I have learned and hope to inspire others to maybe look outside the box of convention from time to time…

Soooo….  Here are some of the basics.

Here is my recording device, an Apple iPhone 6s Plus (love the background)2017-07-29 09.52.19

Here is my main studio screen shot (page 1) for the main apps I use…

2017-07-26 11.08.03

So this is where is starts…  My next post will go over all of my interfaces, devices, instruments and gadgets on how I make my recordings.  I will have photos of everything and links to all of the developers and manufacturers.  Stay Tuned!

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