My new EP is coming along well.  I will start working out the fifth and last song tomorrow morning.  I hope to have it ready in a month or so… stay tuned!

I will also have some music featured in a video Game Console mod on YouTube by Retro Revolutions.  Check out their Twitter and YouTube!


I have free download codes for “The Return EP” on Bandcamp.  If you would like a copy send me a message and I will give you a code!

Also relaunching by blog, stay tuned for details!


Replicant Theory is on Spotify!

I was interviewed by Pete of Rock News and Views

Check out the interview here!!!


Working on a alternate version album from a previous project taking a break from the other album.  Things are moving along fast on this one.  Expect it to be released in July or August!


Here is an early sample from the new album that I am writing.  Still missing vocals…