Reactor Zero: Eradication Protocol is official out and on all major music sites – enjoy!


Alternate reality remix album, Reactor Zero: Eradication Protocol launches 06/08/2018 featuring Operation Neptune Spear



Mojo’s Army (www.mojosarmy.com) let me tinker around with his awesome song “Shadow Me”.  This is what we warped it into, Enjoy!


Here are two collaborations that I have been working on with other talented musicians from across the globe.

“Dust to Dust” is a hard rocker penned by my friend Operation Neptune Spear from the UK.  It is always an honor to be asked by a friend to help with a song!

“Underworld” is an awesome collaboration I was able to be a part of! It is a song started by Thommo also featuring BetaPSI!


I am working on a handful of projects with Mojo’s Army, Skyline Tigers and Operation Neptune Spear.  A Collaborative concept album is in the works so stay posted for more updates or hit me up on twitter @ReplicantTheory


I have teamed up with the very talented BetaPSI from Italy to make the album “Chaos Machine”  We are very proud of this release and hope you enjoy it!


“The Pale Morning Light” has been released, enjoy!


Another collaboration with Skyline Tigers is releasing on Friday the 2nd! The song is called “The Pale Morning Light” and it is a tribute do a dear close friend and family member fighting breast cancer…  Listen for it on your favorite indie stations and everywhere else!


I am currently working on two new collaborative EP’s that may be completed late winter or spring!  I will also be doing an interview with Flobcast Internet Indie Radio!


Two new collaborations with two different artists are being released today!

Check out “What Lies Beneath” feat. Skyline Tigers

Check out “Zero Hour” feat TRIP


Reactor Zero EP is out now!  Stream or buy your copy today!


Interested in the new album I am releasing on 10/31/17? Check out Pete’s Rock News and Views review at the following link!



Reactor Zero Ep Releases 10/31/2017…



Finished writing the last song for the Reactor Zero EP.  I am happy on how the story elements came together. Time to start mixing, mastering and working on artwork.  If anyone would be interested in reviewing the EP prior tio release let met know.


‪New concept album album EP coming along well. Imagine lost audio of scientists exploring a failed time reactor experiment. 


My entire discography is free / pay what you want on bandcamp.  Click here to get you tunes!

My new EP is coming along well.  I will start working out the fifth and last song tomorrow morning.  I hope to have it ready in a month or so… stay tuned!

I will also have some music featured in a video Game Console mod on YouTube by Retro Revolutions.  Check out their Twitter and YouTube!


I have free download codes for “The Return EP” on Bandcamp.  If you would like a copy send me a message and I will give you a code!

Also relaunching by blog, stay tuned for details!


Replicant Theory is on Spotify!

I was interviewed by Pete of Rock News and Views

Check out the interview here!!!


Working on a alternate version album from a previous project taking a break from the other album.  Things are moving along fast on this one.  Expect it to be released in July or August!


Here is an early sample from the new album that I am writing.  Still missing vocals…